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If you have a leaky shingle roof, repair should be done quickly to prevent water damage. Just Roof Leaks℠ is your 24 hour roof repair expert who will do the job right and save you money. As the number one roofing material, asphalt shingles are the least expensive to repair.

How To Repair Shingle Roof Leaks Fast

As with any roof leak, finding the actual source of the water intrusions is the first step. Just because you see a water stain on your ceiling in one area doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s coming from directly above. A quick inspection of the attic where you can see the underside of your roof may provide clues. Look for wet or dark colored wood in the trusses or wet insulation. Oftentimes, a shingle roof may leak in one spot very slowly, then run down one of the beams and to drip in another location.

Once we have quickly pinpointed the point of water entry, we’ll go up on the roof to inspect the shingles in that area. In order to properly repair the roof, we will peel back the surface layers to inspect the wood decking for any signs of wood rot or water damage. If needed, the wood will be repaired or replaced as will the affected tar paper and roofing shingles.

Full Service Roofing Contractor

As our name states, we specialize in roof leak repair. That means that any area of your home or business that became damaged as a result of the water leaking in. Our services can often include the repair and replacement of drywall (sheet rock), paint, trim, etc. When we’re through with the job, we’ll be sure to cleanup the area too.

If you want quality shingle roof repair at affordable cost, call us today for a free consultation.

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